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Hospitality, it’s your time to shine

Hospitality, it's your time to shine

Waiter! Bring us another round of bubbles would you? And a side serve of festive cheer? If you work in hospitality, you’ll be bracing for the silly season onslaught. Just as everyone else is winding down for the year, it’s crazy busy in the pubs and restaurants. Hang in there! JANUARY IS YOUR TIME TO CELEBRATE. Starsand invites hospitality workers on board through the month of January for… read more

Carnac Island – the last frontier?

Carnac Island - the last frontier?

Isn’t it always the way that the places on your doorstep are the ones you never seem to get to? We’re great overseas travellers, but how many native Sandgropers have crossed the short bit of sea to visit the magnificent island just off the coast of Freo? Carnac Island is virtually my office at the moment. We’re doing half day and day trips out there as regular tours, and I never tire of it. read more

Wanna buy a Starsand t-shirt?

Wanna buy a Starsand t-shirt?

When I said this to the passengers on the Kimberley cruises this year, most of them jumped at it. When I told them they could come back and be volunteer crew if they showed up at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour wearing said t-shirt, I didn’t realise how gung-ho they were. I’ve already had a few familiar faces (in familiar t-shirts) down at Freo waiting to take me up on the offer. They seem to… read more

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