Captain’s Log

I've buried the treasure

I’ve buried the treasure

I do this occasionally, and not just because it nurtures my inner pirate. It’s for the Treasure Hunt I’ve got planned for a corporate team building outing on Starsand. A bunch of pen pushers have chartered the yacht for a bit of team bonding and morale pumping. They’re going to spend some time on the ropes, learn their aft from their starboard and find their way from A to B at speed wit… read more

Three dirty words

Three dirty words

Office. Christmas. Party. Lots of people dread them, but mainly because it’s so hard to come up with a venue that’s fun and interesting for everyone, hasn’t been done before and doesn’t involve the humiliating use of paper hats. Starsand knows your pain! Why not just charter the yacht, tell everyone to leave their stuffy threads and cynicism at home, and give me a clue about what kind of… read more

I'm feeling generous

I’m feeling generous

You know how sometimes you start wiping down a surface and before you know it you’ve completed a monumental spring clean? No, me neither. But it just happened on Starsand. All the beds have been re-covered and the surfaces refreshed. We’ve had two new toilets installed, and the engine has had a complete overhaul. So to go with the shiny new boat, I’m making a shiny new offer. Book a charter… read more

So that was winter

So that was winter

Pretty easy. We spent much of it exploring the gorgeous reefs, waterfalls and rock art in the sun-drenched Kimberley. There were some fantastic people on our 10-day tours up the coast from Broome, not least the bunch of twitchers who managed to clock around 100 different species of birds as we sailed into quiet bays, explored mangroves and swam at waterholes. Those guys are super patient – and… read more

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