When I said this to the passengers on the Kimberley cruises this year, most of them jumped at it. When I told them they could come back and be volunteer crew if they showed up at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour wearing said t-shirt, I didn’t realise how gung-ho they were. I’ve already had a few familiar faces (in familiar t-shirts) down at Freo waiting to take me up on the offer.

They seem to enjoy getting reacquainted with the yacht they called home for 10 days in the Kimberley, and they’ve been able to discover the pleasures of sailing off into the Fremantle sunset with the Freo Doctor in the sails (while other people kick back with a glass of bubbles).

It reminds me to let everyone know that there’s a new range of Starsand merchandise in the pipeline. So come on board and check out what we’ve got – the current range of polos and t-shirts are going for a song!

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