Team building triumph!

You may recall we had a booking from a bunch of pen-pushers keen to do a bit of corporate team bonding. Well, let it never again be said that actuaries are boring.

This group of 10 from West Perth really had me on my toes as I showed them the ins and outs of sailing a yacht, the finer points of rope work and the art of navigating in nautical miles.

I fully expected them to retreat to the bar within an hour of being on board, possibly with a nice game of Monopoly. But they couldn’t get enough of the sailing: the physical workout, the technical precision, the sheer change of scenery. Of course they nailed the Treasure Hunt, and at the end of the day they resolved to enlist more of their work colleagues in another day sail before the summer is out – further, faster, longer!

I’m working on making those Treasure Hunt clues MUCH harder.